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The Safest, Easiest Way to Spray Weeds!

Protect your plants while you kill the weeds.

WeedBlaster Pro™ prevents herbicide drift


WeedBlaster Pro eliminates worry about overspray.

WeedBlaster Pro’s protective cone keeps weed killer on the weed and out of the air. WeedBlaster Pro eliminates herbicide drift and accidental damage to surrounding flowers and vegetables.

Cut-away view of Eco Shield

4ml spray is atomized for
better weed coverage

Spot weed control in your lawn and garden has never been easier.

3 Easy Steps to Spray Weeds.

Fill Reservoir

Use the herbicide of
your choice and follow
manufacturer’s directions
for use.

Place on the weed.

Press down on handle to spray

Easy push action delivers precise spray effortlessly and efficiently.

Eco-friendly weed sprayer ideal for the lawn, garden and all around the home.

Stand Up To Weeds!

WeedBlaster Pro’s back-saving design banishes bending down to target weeds. Use it in comfort and carry it with ease. WeedBlaster Pro weighs less than 3 pounds when filled and provides more than 100 sprays per fill-up.

Safer. Easier.
More comfortable.
WeedBlaster Pro

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